Breeding Ducks – Important Points And Tips On How To Breed Ducks

Breeding ducks for profit is not unusual. Perhaps, you have already heard of breeders and duck farms that market meats and duck eggs. However, breeding ducks can also be for fun and learning. If you want to breed ducks, you must know their different breeds and their unique characteristics. Contrary to popular belief, breeding them is fairly easy. Also, they are much better than poultry for several reasons.

One, ducks are not needy for attention. They can resist parasites and avian diseases. They are also tougher than poultry; hence, making them ideal for integrated farming. In addition, their breeding areas are not costly and can be maintained easily.

Anyway, if you want to breed ducks for pleasure and aesthetic purposes, you can choose White Call Ducks or Gray Call Ducks. These are shorter and smaller than the regular duck breeds. They also lay much fewer eggs. Nevertheless, you can treat them as pets. You can even display them in poultry shows. On the other hand, if you aim to breed ducks to earn you a living, you can choose Cayuga Ducks. These are among your best choices. Cayuga Ducks are also popularly referred to as Large Black Ducks. They are tough and easy to fatten up. Hence, they are good sources of meat. They are also good layers. Their eggs are mostly brown in color.

When breeding ducks for eggs, you can choose Crested Domestic Ducks. These are really good layers. Their eggs can also hatch within a month. Moreover, they can weigh over six pounds if they are fed well. Then, you can also choose Pekin Ducks. These are actually one of the most popular breeds in America. They are also excellent choices for meat production. Pekin Ducks can grow really big and heavy. The ducks can weigh as much as eight pounds, while the drakes can weigh as much as nine pounds. You can also profit from selling their eggs even if they are not really good layers. Although duck eggs contain very high cholesterol and fat content, a lot of people still like them better than chicken eggs.

Are you looking for breeding ducks guide? If you think you still need guidance on where to start, consulting existing duck owners and farmers will certainly be a big help. If you would like to learn more about raising ducks correctly, please visit:

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