Caring For A Kitten Made Easy

When you welcome a new kitten into the home, the immediate thoughts a new owner will have is how to keep them happy and in good health.

Cat nutrition is always at the top of the list of essential items that will keep a kitten healthy, along with vaccinations plus a cat bed. Toys are important to stimulate your cat, and a scratching post is essential.

Cat beds and kennels come in a wide range of styles; a kitten may decide he loves to hide in one of the soft igloo shaped beds, which are perfect for a playful kitten and for the times he needs to rest and re-charge his energy levels.

When a kitten grows into an adult cat you may decide one of the larger cat kennels should be placed out side to keep your cat sheltered and safe while you are out at work.

A kitten that is placed on a sensible pet diet will soon grow into a long lean adult cat with coat of gleaming fur, bright eyes and strong muscles that enable him to jump about and climb tress, probably getting himself into mischief.

Cat nutrition is bound to be at the top of your list of essentials, and a cat owner’s life is made easier with specially formulated cat food. Top quality products are available such as Hills Science Plan for kittens, adult cats and senior cats that have the correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins to keep a pet cat in good health.

There are cheaper cat products in the market place, but there is a risk that the ingredients are not up to a high standard and the amount of vitamins could fall short of the recommended daily amount for a kitten or adult cat.

At Hills Pets we have online more information about our range of cat food that is manufactured to a high standard.

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