Cat Breeding cycle


Cat breeding cycle is very important to understand. As the trend of having a pet is gaining popularity, people are looking at it from business perspective. So it is important to understand the information from basics.

First of all keep it in mind that breeding is not carried out to have kittens for enjoyment sake. The kittens should be healthy. So cat care is very important. Treat the cat queen with great care during the cat pregnancy period. Take care of her nutrition, cat illnesses. Her delivery, post delivery care of the kittens is equally important. Then only you will be in a position to find a good home for the kitten.

Cat Breeding Cycle

When a female cat is ready to mate, it is commonly said that the female cat is on heat. At this time the behavioral changes are noticed in them are, they yell in loud cries to attract male. The cats stoop and crawl with shortened legs. The cats spray too.

Now the next indication of the breeding cycle is the female rubs herself against furniture or you. She raises the back portion of the body in air and generates the appealing noise.

Some noticeable bodily changes are seen such as the external part of the genital organ gets swollen and some secretion is discharged through it.

It is observed that the outdoor cats undergo the mating cycle twice a year, i.e. spring and early fall season. In case of indoor cats, the mating season is noticed every few weeks throughout the year unless and until she is bred. Any one will find this fact quite amazing. The reason behind it is, the temperature at home is more or less same throughout the year and artificial light may resemble sunlight in spring and summer.

If the cat mating season is too frequent, it affects her health up to great extent as the cat will not eat during those days and will become considerably weak.

If the cat already has the kittens do not bred her immediately. If you do not want your queen cat to be pregnant at that particular time, then you have to impound her.

As far as male cats are concerned, it is not recommended to use a pet cat for mating. As they tend to fight and spray. If you still want to bread the male cat with the pet queen, then neuter the cat so that the strong smell of the urine is reduced.

Always remember one thing that does not breed unless and until you own fit and strong animals with ultimate breeding characteristics.

Age Factor for Cat Breeding

It is very important that the queen cat attains her adult size before breeding. If not all her energy is consumed into feeding the kittens and her growth is hampered. The required age for breeding is 18-24 months of her age. In case of male cats, the permissible age for breeding should be 18 months.

Health Check- ups Prior Breeding

Cat pregnancy is very important look out as the disorders in the parents get genetically transferred to the off springs. So it is recommended to carry out the check up for vaccinations, internal parasites. They should be free from ear mites, ring worms and fleas. Both the male and female cat should be tested for genetically transferred conditions such as poly cystic kidney disease, hip dysplasia, heart troubles etc.











































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