Dogs That Produce Less Dander – 6 Popular Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

If you love dogs but your allergies won’t tolerate dog dander, one of the ways you can reduce the amount of dander is to choose a dog that produces less. All warm blooded animals produce some dander, but the 6 breeds of dogs described in this article are good bets for avoiding allergic reactions.

Dogs that produce less allergens do so because they have a single coat, don’t shed, or have oilier skin, or some combination of one or more of these traits. And while you may be mostly interested in its hypoallergenic qualities, knowing the size, personality and what the dog is bred to do will insure a more perfect match.

Below are two descriptions each of small, medium, and large dogs that will help you select the breed that is best for your personality and lifestyle.

Basenji – This small active, alert, and energetic dog, it has a single, short-haired coat that sheds very little. It’s the perfect dog for an owner who has a lot of time to devote as a daily walk is needed. They seldom bark, but make other sounds to get attention. They are quite intelligent but often show a dominant streak. Obedience training from an early age is strongly recommended. They are not the best pet for young children or other pets, but with an experienced, kind, and consistent owner can make a wonderful companion. They average 17 inches in height and generally way up to 25 pounds.

Silky Terrier – This small dog’s name is an accurate description of their wonderfully silky coat that sheds little. They demand lots of love and affection and are best suited for an owner who is able to devote lots of time. They are not a good mix with other pets and young children and they tend to be quite possessive. Housebreaking may take a while, and socializing this dog early on will mean a more manageable dog. They make great lap dogs as they are usually 10 inches high and 10 pounds.

Portuguese Water Dog – A medium size dog that loves to swim regardless of the temperature of the water or air. This breed has recently received international attention because the Obamas chose it as their family dog. It was in fact chosen because their daughters suffer from allergies and needed a dog that the girls could tolerate. Even though these dogs have thick, luxurious coats that can be black or various shades of brown, the coat is non-shedding which means fewer allergens.

Wire Fox Terrier – This is another great choice in a medium size dog. It generally averages 17 inches and 25 pounds for males with females being slightly smaller. If the coat is kept properly groomed it shedding is minimal. It is very energetic, needs daily exercise, and demands lots of attention from its owners. It is quite territorial and possessive and is best as an only pet. Obedience training and early socialization will make it a pet you can enjoy.

Airedale Terrier – A large dog which sheds very little, it is the ideal dog for an allergy sufferer. Makes a great guard dog, but does not mix particularly well with other dogs. Because of its size it is a better choice for older, bigger children rather than babies or toddlers. These dogs can be as tall as 24 inches and weigh as much as 70 pounds.

Standard Poodle – This large dog has a curly coat that gives it a very elegant appearance. And whereas it does need to be groomed regularly (by a professions would be great), its coat does not shed. They are one of the most intelligent breeds so training will go easily. They are great swimmers, and thrive with an active lifestyle. They tend to be even-tempered–getting along with other dogs and pets. Their weight range is 60 to 80 pounds, and height ranges from 25 to 27 inches. They make wonderful family companions.

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