How to Teach Your Kitten to Litter Box

The very first task, and no doubt the most important one, when you will bring kitten to your home – is to teach your little friend as fast as you can and in easily understandable ways where is kitten’s litter box! Kitten’s roguery, who refuses to use even the best and most expensive cat’s toilet, can make anyone, even the most cold-blooded person, lose the temper. And because, as it was said: “We are responsible for those who we tamed!” I suggest that you have to gather all your patience!

Below I will give you few advices, and hope it will help you to avoid many common mistakes. When you notice, that your kitten tosses about and scratches his pads, take your kitten very carefully, not pressing it’s stomach, and place kitten at it’s litter box. When kitten has made it’s “business”, stroke and compliment it (all cats are very sensible to your voice inflection!)

If kitten made his “wet business” somewhere in the corner of your house, or on the carpet, there is high probability that next time it will come to the same place – because of this you should place it’s litter box to that spot – but don’t be afraid – it is only temporary measure, and you need to wait until kitten will feel, how this new litter box is comfortable (of course, this step does not exempt you from necessity to control all the process!) In kitten’s litter box you may put some pieces of paper or small piece of rag, wetted in kitten’s urine. If your kitten tries hard to settle near it’s litter box anyway, you must prevent it from doing this by placing on that spot some big objects from your household.

When kitten will get to know the right place for it’s toilet and begin to go there routinely, you need to start moving this litter box in desirable place. But you should not hurry up this process, and you need to cover and constantly protect those places where kitten got used to go to toilet, by placing some bulky objects from your household.

You must be patient and indulgent to your pet! Even if “incident” happened, and kitten made “wet business” not in it’s toilet, you may scold it a little, poke kitten’s nose into the mess. You should not lose your temper in any way and you must not kick your kitten or frighten it! Dirty place must get cleaned straight away, and you have to sprinkle this place with something fragrant, that can be deterrent for the kitten.

In order such unpleasant incident does not happen again, you should feed your little friend in strictly defined hours and carry it to toilet straight away after the meal. Since all cats are very cleanly by their nature, your kitten will get accustomed to the new order very soon!

Until your pet is still kitten, do not take it to your bed for a night, because kitten could be lazy to go somewhere long distance to get it’s toilet and will make mess in your bed instead. And the last advice. If you have decided to have kitten, you must gather all of your patience and mercy! In no way kick your kitten like ping-pong ball! Love your pet and it will love you too!

You may start teaching your kitten how to get used to go to w.c. pan, when it becomes 6 months old. Whether you need this or not – it’s your call. As a matter of fact, modern litters are comfortable enough for your cat. For my cat, for instance, I use coarse granular Catsan Crystals litter. It totally kills all odours and it may be changed once or twice a week (but you still must remove all hard droppings each time!). Later I will publish article how to teach your kitten to use w.c. pan, as a toilet.

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