Is Your Dog Or Cat Sick? More Tips

1. Exercise your pet daily.

If you have a sick dog or sick cat, and it is able to exercise at all, it would be good for them to be out and get fresh air.  Exercise for your pet is just as important as we hear that it is important for us.  Getting out and taking your dog for a walk can be very healthy for you and your dog.  Just as you would wrap up in colder weather, do the same for your dog, especially if their coat is not a long hair breed or thick coat.  Of course, I recognize that cats don’t “go for a walk” in the same sense as dogs do, and certainly not on a leash. 

Any exercise they can get is good for them,.  The exercise is essential for good circulation and oxygenation of all body parts.  This also helps to clean toxins out of the body.

2. Give them fresh water daily.

Personally, I use filtered water for my pet, Keely Grace.  I am wanting to prevent having a sick dog.  My children fussed and inquired about why I was doing this.  I stressed to them the importance of good things being in her body, and less toxins.  We happen to live in an area where the quality of our water has been in question in the past.  This prompted me to begin this habit for her.  Even if our water quality had not been an issue in the past, it is still best to give your pet water that is as free of harmful fluoride and other carcinogenic properties.  This is just one step in preventing sick dogs and sick cats or sick puppies or sick kittens.

3. Learn how to help your pet emotionally.

Believe it or not, our pet’s health can be affected by what is going on in the household.  If there has been a big change in the household, affecting the loss of attention, a relationship, or a territory, this can be very unsettling and threatening for your pet. 

A pet illness can even be a reflection of the illness of the primary person with whom the pet has bonded.

Just be very aware of these emotional factors and help your pet through these times.  Another advantage, your pet can be good healing therapy for you during your time of increased stress.  This can help prevent a sick puppy, sick kitten, and help with the well being of the owner.

4. How to find a vet who practices holistic medicine.

Holistic medicine considers all aspects of the animal’s care.  The physical, emotional, and cultural factors are considered in the care of your pet.  There are websites which can point people to a homeopathic veterinarian.  I recommend “”.  That stands for The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.  Homeopathic Vets, use the holistic approach in caring for the animals they treat.

These four steps can help you see that there is indeed something you can do to help your pet when it is sick.  It would actually be best to apply these principles before your pet gets sick, and maintain your pet’s health!!!

Hollye Clardy is a R.N. whose interest in alternative medicine has taken her into the field of holistic and alternative care for dogs and cats. She is dedicated to providing high quality information to help consumers with their cats and dogs. or

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