Large Dog Breeds – Are You Ready For the Responsibility?

We do not know what type of dog you enjoy, but we personally find our best friend sitting in the large dog breeds. We find that the larger breeds are easier to play with and overall, they give us a feeling of protection. However, there are a number of different things you should consider before you get a dog. For starters, are you ready to provide a home for him or her? You will need to give them a lot of exercise and the big dog is going to be eating a large amount of food. Large dogs, especially pit bulls are more prone to hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. You should also have a vet lined up for your four legged friend.

Do you know what one of our favorite breed of dog is? It is the American Pit Bull. It seems that they are very heroic dogs. They work as therapy dogs and they also work for SARS and many other groups. If you want to see a heroic pit bull, look up Stubby, who was honored in the White House and was the first dog to get a rank in the Military.

He fought during WWII and will never be forgotten as he saved lives. You need to look this story up on the Internet. While you’re at it, also look up the story of a pit bull named Popsicle.

Amongst the other large breed of dogs, you have the German Shepherds. These are also lovely dogs. In fact, we had one when we were a child and she was nothing more than loveable. Actually, she was a retired police dog and blended in well with our family.

You will find a lot of love in the large dog breeds, but you need to make sure you are ready to take on the responsibility. So many times, we see these pets end up in the pound only because the owner took in more than they could handle.

Next, find out more about choosing a dog breed and get dog care videos and tips.

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