Purebred Dogs: Why Pay More For Pure Breeds?

Purebred dogs cost quite a bit more than mixed breeds. This is a fact that is very common; although, not too many potential dog owners understand the reasoning behind this. After all, a dog is a dog. The truth of the matter, though, is that there are a lot of considerations that come into play and show what the big differences are between purebreds and mixed breeds.

So why should anyone pay more for purebred dogs? There are several reasons, actually. For one, having a purebred is a status thing. People know they cost more. People therefore equate purebreds with owners who are of high status and good taste. Only purebreds could be shown on commercials or entered into dog shows and this means that they are definitely a more attractive purchase than that of a mixed breed.

Aside from the status, there are other health considerations involved as well. For instance, if a puppy has several different genes that are crossing from various breeds, it could be damaging on their health. Purebred puppies, on the other hand, will have far less risks for random health issues and are considered a far more healthy type of dog. English bulldog puppies, for instance, will have less of a chance of hip or knee issues if they are not mixed with much taller or much shorter breeds of dogs.

Another perk of getting purebred puppies, whether they are English bulldogs for sale or other types of purebreds, is the fact that they are easily identified. People like the look of certain types of dogs. Mixed breeds often come out looking strange which is not something that any dog owner wants to have. That’s why it’s definitely a perk to have a type of pet that is easily identifiable to all passersby. Easily identifiable breeds are fun to show off and make for great pets for anyone.

Certain breeds have certain tendencies. It’s much easier, therefore, to predict tendencies of a purebred puppy than those of a mixed breed. One can never tell which tendencies will come from the mother and which from the father. If both the parents of the puppies are of the same breed, though, then the characteristics and tendencies generally associated with that breed will most likely be in the puppies’ personality. It’s nice to have this information in order to accurately predict what can be expected from the puppy in question.

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