Stray Cats and Kittens

Stray cats and kittens are a huge problem in a great number of communities. Stray cats are forced to fend for themselves in a habitat that isn’t very friendly to homeless, domestic animals. When a cat is abandoned by it’s owner it lacks the natural skills needed to survive. This comes from many years of domestic breeding. Basically, cats are no longer the wild animals that they were centuries ago. They no longer have their larger ancestor’s primal instincts.

A cat becomes a stray when it is abandoned by it’s owner. This cat is now forced to fend for itself. In many areas the stray cat population is so great that they are considered pests. Over time a stray cat’s will breed and produce homeless kittens. Once these kittens grow into adult cats they are completely wild and very unlikely to be adopted. If this problem isn’t closely controlled eventually the stray cat population could grow to epidemic proportions.

In order to control the unclaimed pet population, animal control agencies will catch any stray animal without proper identification, a collar with tags, and bring them to the local animal shelter. To call it a “shelter” is a bit deceiving, animal shelters will house and care for these abandoned pets for a short while but because of the overwhelming flow of unwanted cats, room needs to be made. Animal control angencies are forced to resort to euthanasia in order to allow incoming strays.

There several things that we, as animal lovers, can do to help with this sad situation. Most animal shelters and animal advocate agencies accept donations. These donation are used for legal matters, helping push cat friendly legislation. Donated money is also used for expansions and upgrades to the shelters. This may help increase the capacity of these buildings allowing them to hold a larger number of cats and kittens without owners to care for them. The best thing you can do to help these unfortunate felines, is adopt one yourself. If you think that you’d be interested in adopting a cat in need, simply contact your local animal shelter and make an appointment to stop by and choose a wonderful new addition to your home.

If we all do all part we can help control the over population of and unnecessary death of innocent cats. To find out about more ways that you may be able to help prevent animal cruelty, contact the ASPCA via their website

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