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Comparing Dog Breeds – How to Choose Your Next Dog

by Ervins Strauhmanis Comparing dog breeds is highly important when deciding to adopt a dog. No two dogs are ever the same, despite the breed and its standards. Every dog develops his own “personality” and temperament as he…

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What Breed of Dog Should You Choose? Choosing the Right Breed of Dog

by Kath Halkett What breed of dog should you get? You have decided that yes, you are willing and able to provide a proper home for a dog. Now you have to pick from the many breeds available….

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How to Choose the Best Crate For Your Kitten

by clogsilk One of the most useful things you can have if you have a new kitten, or kittens, is a special pen, dog crate, or indoor kennel. These are available from pet shops, or you may even…

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