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Diamonds are the most precious stones. Like other diamond jewelry, diamond necklaces should be taken care of. Diamond necklace is a girl’s most precious and cherishing item. It is expensive and should be given the due care. It is important to remove any jewelry item, whether it is a diamond necklace, before taking a shower or going to bed. They should be kept at a safer place. Wearing a diamond necklace, avoid going near to fire or in intense heat.

It is important to clean any dust or dirt off the diamond necklace. This will maintain the shine and beauty of the necklace and increases its life. The diamond should be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth, slightly wet with water. Never use a chemical filled water to clean the diamond stones. It may put some scratches on the precious stone.

The diamond is considered to be the hardest of all the stones. They are still prone to cracking and scratching. If it is set into a diamond necklace, the spoiled look of the diamond will degrade your elegance and personality instead of increasing it.

The diamond should be cleaned with a very soft brush, soap and water. A soft eyebrow brush will be suitable for cleaning. Mix a mid detergent, usually the dish liquid cleaner, with the warm water. Dip in the diamond necklace for sometime. Diluted ammonia is also used for cleaning diamond necklace sometimes. Remain the necklace dipped in the water for some time and then slightly rub it with the brush. Then rinse the diamond necklace well under running water. Dry the diamond necklace with a soft cotton cloth.

The diamond of the diamond necklace should be checked by a diamond professional at least once a year. There is also a special diamond cleanser available from the stores. This can be used for cleaning the diamond necklace as well. When not to be worn, the diamond necklace should be kept in a box wrapped around with a soft cloth or soft white tissue.

The diamond should never be touched with a hand around its edges especially as there is a chance you might get a cut. When doing some exercise, always remove your jewelry especially your diamond necklace.

There is an ultra sound machine as well which can be used for cleaning the diamond necklace. The machine should be operated by a machine professional; otherwise, there is a risk of diamond stone to get out. The soap method is better and safer and can easily be done in emergency cleaning at home.

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