Taking Care Of Your Jewelry

Jewelry is one item that women love to have. It is one accessory that both sexes would want to collect. For women, it complements what they wear and what occasion they attend to. There are actually two types of jewelry that most women would love to have. One is the less expensive ones whose materials use is not high standard but still it looks fabulous. The other one is made of high quality materials and are quite expensive and can sure make a fashion statement when you wear one.

Jewelry is considered a good investment too. It gets expensive as it gets old just like wine, it gets tastier with age. If you invest a lot of money with it especially with high quality jewelries then it is just right for you to take good care of it.

If your jewelries are properly taken cared of then you can be assured that it will last you for a lifetime. Imagine passing it to your children and grand children. It would be such an honor for them to be able to wear it. So here are some guidelines as to how to take good care of your jewelries.

Always check it for any loose gems or clasp before you wear it. If you find one then take it off and take it to your jeweler for repair to avoid damaging it altogether. Remember that each piece of this item is very expensive thus must be treated with extra care.

When you are engage in strenuous sports or are doing household chores, always remove your rings so as to avoid it exposing to harmful chemicals. And always clean your jewelry regularly. What are the safest methods to clean it?

Warm water with mild soap

Soak your jewelries in warm water with a mild soap or a drop of dishwashing liquid for a few minutes. Use a soft brush preferably a small makeup brush or even a lip brush would do in cleaning your jewelries. Rinse with running water after and then pat dry with a soft flannel cloth. For those delicate jewelries, you can just wet a soft cloth with warm water and wipe the jewelry. Instead of using warm water and soap, you can make use of Ammonia solution for those hard to get dirt. The same procedure will follow.

Use of Sonic Equipment

You can buy this Sonic cleaner in any malls or retail stores in your area. It is a small vibrating cleaner that is intended for home use. But still it is recommended to ask advice from your jeweler if it is okay to use it in cleaning your jewelries. Professional jewelers know what is best for your jewelries.

Use of Ultra Sonic Cleaning

This equipment needs an expert. It is much stronger than the sonic cleaner thus it needs professional expertise to use it. It is not recommended for people to use this at home. Thus if you think your jewelries need a thorough cleaning, then take it to your professional jeweler and let him do the job for you. It’s the best time too for you to let him examine it, if it needs any repair or not.

Please be reminded too that jewelries should not be put together to avoid scratching one another. You can wrap them individually in a silk or paper and put them separately in your jewelry box. Before doing anything always consult your jeweler as to what is the best method to use in cleaning your jewelry. Trust them for they know what is best.

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