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It is a wonderful time to be cherished when a birth of a baby takes place. It is meant to be a joyful time for the new mom and dad as well as family and friends. When that little one decides to come into the world before its time or is not up to weight at birth then there is real cause for concern for everyone involved.

It is particularly stressful on the mom. She has just gone through the strenuous job of delivering the baby . Then to have a preemie baby on top of this is traumatic to say the least. In many ways its hard on the Dad as well. He is there to protect his family and he feels helpless.

One thing that is important is to realize that the medical profession literally works miracles with preemies nowadays. You will begin to relax as each day passes and you see your little one growing and gaining strength.

Then that wonderful day comes that you are able to bring your baby home. All of a sudden, the fears, concerns and stress start to seep in. Up until now, your little one has been in the expert care of many Doctors and health care teams. Now the responsibility is becoming totally yours and your partner.

To begin with rest assured that the medical staff would not be letting your little one come home unless they felt it was perfectly safe.

Most likely the baby is up to full term weight so there is really no difference now then if you had gone full term with the birth. There are no doubt things that you may have to do differently with the preemie then you would do with a full term baby. More frequent feedings may be one aspect and extra caution that the baby is not exposed to germs and illnesses for the next little while.

The Doctor will give any extra care or instructions to you. If there are, any procedures that you must carry out at home then you will be fully trained on how to do them.

Perhaps if you are still unsure of yourself you could ask one of your parents to stay with you for a few days until you gain your confidence. You will find after a few days that both you and the baby will fit into a natural routine. You have waited a long time to enjoy your baby so now is the time.

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