What Breed of Dog Should You Choose? Choosing the Right Breed of Dog

What breed of dog should you get?

You have decided that yes, you are willing and able to provide a proper home for a dog. Now you have to pick from the many breeds available.

There are several factors that come into play when deciding on the perfect breed for you.

What type of housing can you provide? Large, active breeds are not suited for apartment living. Do you have a fenced in yard? If so, does it have shelter and a place for food and water? Once you have evaluated your own situation and know what you can provide, you can narrow down your selection.

Are you an active person or sedentary? Do you envision your dog going places with you like the beach, park, etc? Or do you want a dog that is more of a house companion? Different breeds have different energy levels and needs for activity levels. This comes from the origins of the breed and is not something you can change for your particular dog. In other words, If you select a large breed that was originally bred to herd, you need to have room for this animal to run and get the activity it needs. On the other hand, if you select a toy breed and put him out in your large yard all day he is not likely to be very happy.

Some breeds are happy to be outside running around and smelling all the different scents that are out there. But other breeds just want to be with their owner. They are happy to just be by your side, no matter what you are doing.

Choose a breed that is right for your physical surroundings, then go further by choosing a breed that fits you activity level and your expectations for how it fits into your lifestyle. If you take these simple steps instead of picking the cutest puppy you can find, you and your pet will lead much happier lives.

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