What is a Chocolate Persian Or Himalayan Cat?

Many people are surprised to find out that there is actually a chocolate gene in breeding Persian and Himalayans.  First, it’s important to know that all Himalayans are a Persian; just a type of Persian.  The Himalayan has Siamese in it’s background and one can tell a Himmy by their dark ‘points’ and blue eyes.  The points are the ears, head, tail and paws.

Unlike the other genetic colors of black and red and white, in order to have a ‘visual’ chocolate, both parents have to carry the chocolate gene.  That’s what makes a chocolate Persian or Himalayan more rare.

Each color has a dominate and a dilute, or recessive color of the particular gene.  With the black gene, it’s blue; with the red gene, it’s cream; and with the chocolate gene, it is lilac.

With me so far?  So, a Himalayan (which are always ‘pointed’) you can have a chocolate pointed Himalayan or a lilac point Himalayan.  You can also have a chocolate cream or a lilac cream Himalayan.  If you see little patches of ‘cream’ on the nose or paws, you have a color-cream point.  There is also a chocolate tortoishell point.  Only females can be cream or tortie points.

Now, there are many more chocolate possibilities with a Persian.  You can a chocolate tortoiseshell (very rare) or a chocolate tabby (even more rare!)  There are also chocolate and white bi colors,  chocolate calico’s, and chocolate smoke Persians.  And then of course, the dilute, lilac is also possible in all these markings.

What is most fun being a breeder of Persians and Himalayans is the surprise each litter brings.  Since all chocolate Persians are CPC (which mean they carry the pointed gene), pairing a chocolate Persian and a pointed Himalayan will always give you a unique litter; of some Persians and some Himalayans.  It’s always like Christmas!

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